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GIANTESS KATELYN | Giantess Videos, Giantess Comics, Giantess Vore, Giantess Growth and all things GIANTESS!
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Hey there! I have a hot little story to share. About two weeks ago, I was PMSing and I just couldn’t resist my craving for shrunken people. Like usual, I went to use my shrinking device but my cat must have messed up the functions or something though, because when I used it I accidentally [&hellip


Hello hello my shrunken lovers! Today I’d like everyone to warmly welcome four artistically talented members of the Giantess community who’ve joined my site: EmmaGear, Sorenzer0, TheBigMansini, and Giantess Productions! They’ve already released some high quality, passionate, works of art here and with your support they’ll be able to continue creating orgasmic Giantess fetish content [&hellip

Hooray! It’s site wide update time! There’s a pictures of the day set, fan art of various types (including a dubstep song, omg!), as well as something new… a picture preview package to this month’s upcoming videos! In other news, Giantess Rachel may be and Giantess Kerri is traveling to Seattle this month so I’m [&hellip

Hello my little morsels! It’s blazing hot here for it being just a little north of Seattle, WA, and as so I’ve had the pleasure of some overly productive days sitting beside the portable AC in my office. Today I’m pleased to announce that some various website updates are ready, as well as a new [&hellip

Hello tinies of the world! Today I’m happy to announce the release of Virgin Master of Heavenly Mountains! Some of the many features in Vivian’s newest masterpiece to date include 18 beautifully illustrated pages, a powerful shrunken female master who controls her maids with The Seed of Tantalize, pussy, insertion, socks, Giantess, embellished toe nails, and more! [&hellip

Hey tinies! It’s that time of the month again for site-wide updates! This month I have two new picture sets, 11 new fan art collages, and a FREE video! Also… I’ll be shooting with Jason Ninja again at the end of the month so if you have any requests involving me and a guy (for [&hellip

I’m happy to announce that CG17’s Demonic Exam 4 is now available! In this installment Miss Alice and Lela erotically dominate Zhi (at full size) with a shrunken Maya in between the dripping hot action. Watch as Maya nearly gets sucked into Miss Alice’s mouth and down her throat, off Zhi’s throbbing cock, with everyone [&hellip

Hi shrunken ones! Finally- here’s April’s site-wide updates! I deeply apologize for the delay. My early and mid month blog posts, and video updates, are all very important to me as I love giving you tiny ones something to enjoy! I have been doing everything in my power to keep things on track. However, this [&hellip

Hi tiny ones! Please give a big warm welcome to ChibiChan, who has now joined the site with his newest comic release FantaSize: Roxy’s Punishment! Many of you may already know who ChibiChan is, but for those who don’t here’s a fun little get-to-know straight from him! “I’ve been a member of the community since back [&hellip

Oops! I actually started working on my updates on the first- but admittedly I have been a little side tracked with my personal life *ahem* (more on this later… something’s now possible that everyone’s been waiting for, just have to wait for the right time in my workload!) But anyway, I’m happy to say that [&hellip

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